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Great vape Price Quality Design
Mild metallic taste 510 thread was not smooth Slight whistle
I got my order today and I have to say that I'm really impressed with the quality of it. The tank threads are really good and the whole stup went together quite well. I made sure to wash the parts well with dish soap and then boiled everything. Built a 28 AWG micro coil, wicked it with cotton and it's vaping really nice. Compared to my original kayfun lite +, and my original Russian 91%, this product it works really well. I actually like the fact that it's not an exact rip off (no logos, slightly different finish/style). The 510 thread was a bit burred but I managed to get it mounted and that problem seems to have been resolved. Not much that I can say other than that it works about as well as the original. I noticed some minor whistling however I like an airy draw and ended up removing the air flow screw which makes it silent enough for me. Really pleased. Took a while to arrive. But I'm happy with the purchase. For those that enjoy the Kayfun vaping style as do I, every other tank seems to pale in comparison. Now I have some backups so that I have different flavors loaded and not have to wait until I finish a tank to change flavors. Thanks to the price of this product I was able to expand my collection without breaking the bank.
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