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BP Mods Pro Vape Cotton (3mm Diameter 5-Pack)
BP Mods Pro Vape Cotton (3mm Diameter 5-Pack)


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Good Price Nicely Designed Packaging High-Quality Cotton No Discernible Break-In
I've been testing both the 2.5mm & 3mm Cotton Cord from BP Mods now in multiple set-ups. And this is my experience. Comes in a useful (reusable) hard plastic screw tub. No odours apparent when first unscrewing the lid. The cotton has been obviously quality processed; the fibres are silky-fine, long, and well-combed. Absorbancy can be difficult to judge, as I always comb my wicks, but wicking efficacy is as good as the best laces out there. Feedback from one user here on FT mentions that the 3mm felt a bit loose in his coil, as he prefers a tighter fit. In my builds of standard A1 wire builds, I found the cord fitment to be about right, but of course preferences do differ. The all-important test though is break-in. And to my taste buds, this on par with the cord from the guys over at eXvape. I could find no discernible break-in whatsoever. And I tried it with both heavier tobaccos and lighter fruity flavours. All in all, with both cotton quality and wicking performance, this Cotton Cord matches the eXvape Cord, but it's cheaper, and you get more of it (8 meters rather than eXvape's 5)! Frankly, I think it's superb cotton, and I've no hesitation in recommending it.
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