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- Charge 4 batteries at 1 Mah each - 4 independent channels - LED flashes when the charge is about 4.10 volts - In 6 months of using 0 mistakes - Latest version with critical updates
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The Best Charger I've Ever Had, no 1 mistake in 6 months of using. Unlike the nitecore for example, that 1 time out of 10 did not function well. Fast and accurate, precisely charge the batteries to 4.2 volts. When the charging reaches about 4.05 4.10 volts, the LED starts to flash, so that if one does not need a fully charged battery decreases by far the charging time and increases the battery cycle of life. And as a bonus unlike the Nitecore and Xtar Vp1 The springs are much softer, allowing a quick and simple insertion of the batteries. Really Impressed
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