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1)Has chip/protection. 2)Has USB. 3)Can use 18650 20750 21750. 4)Cover magnets are fine. 5)Battery section has + / - indicators. 6)Good value for the money
1)Bottle too small, too soft. 2)No way to fill bottle without spilling within the package.
Has some sort of a chip so it's safer to use compared to a mech or hybrid. Can be used with 18650 20750 or 21750. Has USB so can charge it. Cover magnets are fine. Battery section has + / - indicators. There is only 1 bottle, it's too small and too soft. It's almost impossible to fill this device with liquid, without spilling it all over. I ordered another devices bottle, which is bigger and not as soft as this one. But still don't have a proper, clean way to fill the bottle. This device, this package, needs a better bottle and a filling system, included in this package. And PLEASE FT, why are you not shipping batteries to Turkey? You ship devices with builtin batteries, but not a battery itself? I need a 21700 and they don't sell it here :(
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