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KangerTech MT32 Coil Head (5-Pack)
KangerTech MT32 Coil Head (5-Pack)


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They fit my Protank II
They taste like chemical They leak Not authentic
I ordered these instead of others I found on FT because I preferred to get authentic coils. While the box says KangerTech and most things appear to be authentic, they are not. They are not as thickly coiled and wicked, causing them to leak like crazy. Also, there is an extra rubber grommet around the main center post, under the wick. Authentic coils do not have this. I believe the grommet is heating up too much and causing the chemical taste but if you remove it they only leak worse. The pic on this listing is of authentic coils, but the ones I received are not like the pic. I won't be buying these again.
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