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Overall   (4.7)
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Very well build for a very good price So many mode-groups everybody will find a favorite. It throws like there’s no tomorrow but still has enough spill to be practical. Light temp. and tint is simply perfect.
Operation is complicated and comes without manual; you’ll need to find it online (not hard) No spare parts, just a soft box and a cheap lanyard, even had to grease the threads and O-rings. The mode-settings blink fast, if you want mode 12 you’ll be counting a lot very fast.
Convoy C8 with XP-L HI, 5000K 3A U6-bin and the “Biscotti” firmware. It has 12 mode-groups, I prefer mode 2 myself: 5 light-settings from low to high without memory and blinkies and return to low with a long-push. Comes in very shiny Chrome-like anodizing, either love it or don’t but me myself would have preferred a more matte-like metal look like SS or Ti or even just black. This is my first Convoy and I’m impressed with the quality, very well machined with nice threads and finish. Only flaw is some minimal dust inside the head but too little to complain about. This light is a dedicated small “thrower” and it does so but still has enough “spill” to be still useful just walking around with it, I’m impressed by its capabilities and recommend it definitely
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